About My Work - Axel B Jahnke

Axel B Jahnke

Starting into space, focusing on Betelgeuse, where the laws of physics don't apply, Shridhar lyer confronts this constellation with visual imagery. It is neither perplexing nor disturbing - it is a slow mutation of the microcosmos expanding beyond traditional sche-mata in a harmonious context giving the image a unique identity. Remote molecules produce a rare definition of visual energy, form-ing fractional cristallisations into aesthetic modifications, expres-sions of an intagible world.

Shridhar lyer's work is a fusion of two invocations in essential light-ness - vibrations of vulnerable heaviness and troubling monumen-tality are translated in concise and durable symbols with a mini-mum of means - to express the maximum.

Shridhar lyer is a medium moving between cosmic forces, distill-ing a meaning out of the silence of the centre.