About My Work - Dhyaneshwar Nadkarni

Dhyaneshwar Nadkarni

Shridhar lyer is one of the most brilliant products of the Art-world that has developed in Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. His work has been regularly seen here and in major art centres like Delhi and Madras both in group shows and solo appearences. What has impressed critics and connoisseurs alike is the integrity of his stylistic approach. He is unlike any other non-figurative artist of our times. Supreamely individualistic Shridhar lyer weaves a pattern of truncated lines, dots and symbols. Although all this has a geometrical prompting, the drawing is always vibrant and evocative.

More significantly, Shridhar lyer represents the resurgence of modern art that is synonymous with Bharat Bhavan. It is a movement that carries within it the spectrum of all meaningful contemporary Indian art.

Iyer has long ago attained a place in this spectrum with his conviction, his intelligence and his innovative thrust.

March 8, 1996