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Group Shows

2016 :
Art Gwangju International Art Fair, South Korea
2016 :
Art Swab, Barcelona Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain
2016 :
Indian Masters, Concern India, N.Delhi, 2016
2016 :
ART BUSAN, South Korea
2016 :
Magnetic Lines, Visual Art Gallery by Art Consult, Spring Auction by Art & Deal, Strength, Black and White New Delhi by Apparao Gallery Chennai, Books Meet Art by Art Centrix Space New Delhi
2015 :
Indian Art by Art Chill Gallery, Jaipure, Five Painters, Mobil Grees by Alka Raghuvanshi, N.Delhi, Magnetic lines by Art Consults, N. Delhi.
2015 :
ARTDEAL Inaugural Auction, New Delhi.
2014 :
Spiritual Sojourn, curated by Uma Nair, Art Bull, New Delhi. Works on Hanji Paper, Indo-Korean Art Show at Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi, curated by Insang Song. Jaipur Art Sumit, Jaipur. Depth of Life, Indo-French Show at Alliance Francaise de Delhi. Nirbhaya Art Show, IGNCA, New Delhi & Dhoomimal Art Gallery. Magnetic Forms at Art Konsult, New Delhi.
2013 :
Visual dialogue – 2, Mumbai; After The Raudra curated by Shaji Punchutu, at Visual Art Gallery and Niv Art Centre. Uttarakhand flood relief exhibition curated by Jatin Das at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi. Friendly Strangers:Fields of the universe, curated by Rahul Bhattacharya at Niv Art Centre, New Delhi. Installation on Mahakumbh, Allahabad, 5 x 7 Small Format, Curated by Anoop Kamath, Kochi.
2012 :
Kala Yatra – Mobile Exhibition curated by Ratnotama Sengupta, Mumbai, Art Bazar – Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata, Group Show – Stupa Art Gallery, New Delhi, Film Shows – Uttarayan Baroda, Contemporary Art Films curated by Vinod Bharadwaj, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, Ehsaas – Art and Fashion curated by Alka Raghuvanshi, New Delhi. Art Chutney. com Auction, Bengalore.
2011 :
Together a show at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi. Auction show by Dhoomimal Gallery and Hungarian Embassy at the Embassy, New Delhi. Imaging Sai an exhibition curated by Sushma Behl at Gallery Art Positive. Smaran – Tribute to Sh. J Swaminathan, Antahsha Gallery, Bhopal, Group Show at Claridges Hotel, New Delhi.
2010 :
Pretty Ugly – Dream House an Installation and film show curated by Romain Maitra at Bose Pacia Art Gallery Kolkatta, Art & Fashion show curated by Alka Raghuvanshi Vindemil Gallery Dubai, Umeede a show curated by Naresh Kapuria, Lalit Hotel, New Delhi. A show and auction for Savera NGO by Dhoomimal Gallery. A film show by Kanu Nayak Foundation, Don Bosco Institute Guwahati. A film show by Vinod Bharadwaj, Gwalior. A film show at Art Mart Epic Centre, Gurgaon.
2009 :
Drawing show by Dhoomimal Gallery, Auction seed NGO by Dhoomimal Gallery, 18” x 18” show curated by Saneeta Dutta, Gita Art Gallery, A Film show at Art Mart Epic Centre, Nirvana a show by Indigo Blue Gallery Singapore, A group show by Apparao gallery Chennai, A study in abstraction curated by Anirudh Chary Ganges Art Gallery Kolkatta, Animated Scripture – A show by Peter Muller & Plate Gallery Munich
2008 :
Homage to Swaminathan, Dhoomimal Gallery by Prayag Shukla, Ten Years of Peter Muller & Plate Gallery, Munich, Germany. Ya We Do International, New Delhi. Year of Russia in India, Contemporary Art, New Delhi. Subliminial messages Indigo Blue Gallery, Singapore, Apparao Gallery, Chennai
2007 :
Chak De, Incredible Art, Mistiq Gallery, Resonating Metaphors, Enkita Arts by Alka Raghuvanshi, New Delhi, Celebrating India by Alka Raghuvanshi, Dubai, Tales of Textures, Elements Gallery, New Delhi. Art for Concern, Concern India, New Delhi. Trust with Colors, Art Form, New Delhi. Expending Horizons, Elements Gallery, New Delhi. Transitional Realities, FM Gallery by Alka Raghuvanshi, New Delhi. Colors of Hope, Dhoomimal Gallery & Seed NGO, New Delhi. Charismatic Lines by Art Consult Gallery New Delhi, Best of Contemporary Indian Art, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London. India Today Halene Lamarque Gallery, Paris by Garnier Contemporary Arts, London.
2006 :
GIMME Red, Polka Art Gallery, New Delhi, Shifting Focus, Seven Painters by Garnier Air Gallery, London, Indian Contemporary Fida Gallery, Singapore, Emotive connections Gallery Joie, Indian Contemporary Art, Mumbai Se, Singapore, Return World, Apparao Gallery, Chennai
2005 :
Years of Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, the Written Word by The Gallery, New Delhi, 10 Painters Arushi Art Gallery, New Delhi, Inaugural Exhibition by Art Felt, New Delhi, Inaugural Exhibition Polka Art Gallery, New Delhi, Indian contemporaries by LKA, Myanmar.
2003 :
Inaugural Exhibition of Vyakat Art Gallery New Delhi, Venu Eye Institute, New Delhi
2000 :
Millennium Show by Vinyasa Gallery, Chennai, Inaugural Exhibition of Crimson Art Gallery, Bombay
1999 :
Home Shows by The Gallery, San Francisco.
1998 :
Divine Carriers, Art from India and Nepal by Laband Art Gallery & Loyola Mary Mount University, Los Angeles. Artists from Madhya Pradesh, Indus Gallery, New Delhi, Bilkool Works on papers by young contemporary Arts, by Louis Paramour, Perth and Melbourne.
1997 :
Gifts India International Mini Boxes by Sahamat, New Delhi. Magnetic Lines by Art Consolt, New Delhi.
1996 :
Art Bazar, Siddhartha Tagore, New Delhi. Mini Format Painting by Sans Tache Gallery, Bombay.
1995 :
‘Defiant ones’ Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay, Expressive Lions by “The Gallery”, Madras and Display Gallery, Delhi, Indo Syrain Exhibition, Syria. “Emerging Trends” by Prima Curian, New Delhi. Six Artists from Bhopal, Easel Gallery, Madras.
1994 :
Artist from Madhya Pradesh, Madras, La’ou’fiinit L Absence by Alliance Francaise, Bhopal. Tattod Space, New Delhi, Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi.
1991 :
“Being Together” Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay Indo Russian International Art Exhibition, New Delhi
1990 :
1990 28 Artists from Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal