About My Work - J. Swaminathan

J. Swaminathan

Shridhar Iyer is a self taught artist. The atmosphere in Bharat Bhavan where he is employed. perhaps inspired him to try his hand at drawing, and thereby he found his metter. Working day and night and around the clock evolving the spread of the drawing stroke by tiny stroke, with pen and ink, weaving, enmashing and releasing the image with dedication given only to those born to art, Iyer has created a monumental series of drawings within the span of half a decade.

From the inorganic to the organic, form geometry to the awry, from the conceptual to the real---Iyer creates a pulsating rhythm which makes the plausiable possible.

Among the number of artists from Madhya Pradesh who have taken seriously to drawing during the past decade, Shridhar Iyer is certainly one of the most serious one.

May 27, 1989
J. Swaminathan